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Natural wood is the choice for luxurious interiors
and has been for centuries.

The beauty of natural wood is that each species, even within species the grain and colour varies.
No two pieces of wood are the same.

With time wood changes in colour and shade. Certain
species, Walnut will lighten with expose to light, while
others, cherry or maple will mellow and darken. This is all part of a natural product. When adding extra panels or replacing some, the colour will not be the same as the original, but with time the sun will blend all the tones together.

Oak - Maple - Ash - Walnut - Cherry - Birch - Zebrano -
Beech - Mahogany - Teak - Wenge - Anigre

Oak Burl
Maple Burl
Olive Ash Burl
Walnut Burl
Fumed Larch
Mappa Burl
Birds Eye Maple
Mahogany Pommele
Myrtle Burl
Santos Rosewood

Auditorium - Valencia Feria
Valencia, Spain
TAVINEL - Natural Cherry & Beech


All the colours of the rainbow and all those in between. Following the RAL chart we can
manufacture to order the various shades, matt or gloss.


Melamine finishes come in a large range of wood grains and solid colours. Melamine is an impregnated paper finish that has the
look of wood or paint and can be used when a budget needs

High pressure laminate ( HPL ) is a very resistant surface used is
high wear areas and counter tops. Available in wood grain,
Metal and solid colours.

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