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Acoustic Panel Installation

End of Day Four



Woodcom panels are for interior use and must be fitted in climate controlled conditions.
It is highly recommended that the panels be fitted in similar conditions as when the room will be in
Panels must be fitted by experienced technical personnel and must follow manufacturer's
instructions. For question please contact our technical department on t +353 (61) 345155.
Handling of acoustic panels is very important. Woodcom panels are made for the most part of
MDF core and are strong and resistant. Nevertheless the panels are finished products and the
utmost care must be taken while transporting and fitting them.

When installing the TAVILINE® standard planks using our T- Clip® there is no requirement for extra
spacing unless there is expectation of high moisture variations. When joining them in the length a
0,5mm gap should be left between each plank.

For TAVINEL® panels where widths are of 600mm and wider a gap of 3mm should be allowed for
between each panel.


Woodcom products are manufactured with computer controlled high tech machinery and
tolerance are very minimal.
Dimensional variation in MDF is of a maximum of 0.15%, so that with each linear meter the
maximum change will be of ± 1.5 mm.


Prior to installing the panels, it is advisable that they be taken out of there crates and plastic wrap
for a few days. This will allow panels to take on the ambient moisture content and temperature, thus
avoiding any movement at time of installation.

Storage Conditions

Material is to be stored in the crate and plastic wrap until it is ready to be used.
As with all wood products, the acoustic wood panels must be protected from humid conditions or
direct contact with moisture and must be stored in dry conditions, in a climate controlled
environment where humidity is no greater than 60% and no lower than 20%.
Panels must be stored flat or warping will result.
Temperatures over 50◦C could result in material disintegration and discolouration.

Real Wood Veneers

Natural veneers vary in colour and grain and it is advisable that panels be laid out prior to
installation to match them.
UV light affect natural veneers colour, bleaching them or darkening them. Different species react
different. They should not be exposed to direct sunlight.


Woodcom panels are finished with hard wearing surfaces and required limited maintenance.
The panels can be dusted or wiped with a damp cloth.

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